Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry Co., Ltd. (“Oupai”), located in Jiangshan, a place well-known in China for its wood doors, is a wood door manufacturer whose activities range from research and development to production, marketing, and customer service. On February 10, 2017, the company was listed as an A-share in the mainboard of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with a stock symbol of 603208.

With the aim of becoming a global expert on wood doors, since its inception, Oupai has been focusing on building premium wood doors for a decade. In doing so, it has set up the “Wood Door R&D Center” and the “Technology Conversion Center” for innovating and applying technologies, two powerhouses that have produced many patents. The company owns several large manufacturing centers that are equipped with standardized plants, advanced automatic machines, and test instruments, and supported by a complete range of life facilities.

In order to become a world-class door manufacturer and the top one wood door brand in China, Oupai seeks excellence by keeping its core values and making constant reforms. The company has developed an omnichannel marketing and service network that covers entire China and established strategic partnerships with famous real property developers such as Vanke and Poly. Being permitted to export and import its own products, the company has sold its premium products and services to global consumers including these in Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

Trying to do as an expert in every aspect of the business, Oupai has passed many certifications including ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, CMS, CTC Product Quality and CTC Product Health, which serve as guarantees of quality, safety and value.

Oupai proactively assumes its social responsibilities, having won the recognition from all across the society in the forms of a lot of honors, such as a national high-tech company, a national green factory, a national intellectual property advantage enterprises ,a national forestry key leading enterprises ,a national demonstration enterprise for forestry standardization, a Chinese company with high credit in product quality , a deputy chairman member of Chinese Association for Wood Doors, a provincial science and technology progress award ,a provincial high-tech company-based R&D center, a provincial standard company of innovation, a provincial demonstration of industrial information construction, a provincial demonstration company for the industrial circular economy, a provincial company with a famous name, a famous brand and a famous entrepreneur, a provincial famous export brand and a provincial invisible champion etc.

Oupai doors shape happy families. Oupai is a big family where all members, as experts in their respective fields, shoulder their responsibilities and share their wisdom, turning Oupai into a big expert and a happy space for everyone. In an even bigger society, the company will continue making the best efforts to help create happy families. 


The god helps those who have self-esteem, who believe in themselves, and who fight on their own                                                                           

1.     Goals

(1)Making wood doors and windows, we are the LIXIL in China.

(2)We are Oupai in Jiangshan but for China and the globe.

2.     Mission

(1)With their wisdom and effort, Oupai people are building a space of happiness for both themselves and others.

(2)Oupai doors shape happy families.

Oupai culture

3.    The core of Oupai culture: Expert and Family culture

Expert culture: Everyone at Oupai is meant to be an expert in their fields and Oupai is a big expert consisting of many small ones.

Family culture: Oupai is a big family where all members shoulder their responsibilities and share their wisdom.

 (1)Faith: Be faithful to consumers, investors, employees, the country, and society.(2)Diligence: Be diligent in working and learning.(3)Focus: Focus on a field.(4)Harmony: Keep harmony make up for weakness, and seek harmony but not conformity .(5)Joy: Enjoy your work and life.

Oupai culture

4.     Oupai Spirit

 It is my responsibility to have Oupai prosper; it is my pursuit to satisfy customers.

5.     Oupai Motto

(1)Make incremental progress:Instead of comparing yourself to others, you make incremental progress toward a goal. Many small steps lead to a stride in our life; a small step of everyone leads to a stride of Oupai.

(2)Keep inner peace:Keep your inner peace before starting to perform duties, handle problems, treat others, and make plans


6.  Institutional development

  (1)Philosophy: follow the nature’s law by for keeping the harmony between nature and humanity; control by doing nothing for a sharing culture; practice what you preach with a shared goal.

  (2)Objects: "one-common, three-public recognition, five-can".Share a common purpose.Fairness, justice, openness.Measurable, practical, motivating, competition-inspiring, self-progressing.


7.  Core competitiveness

     Oupai constructs and applies its technologies and platforms in an on-going manner to integrate surplus resources along the industrial chain through a sharing business model to provide diverse and cost-effective products for consumers.


8. Management philosophy

  Streamline for efficiency.

  (1)Precise: Precisely implement a plan with a precise method toward the precise target.

  (2)Clean: Do one’ work cleanly with a clean mind in a clean environment.

  (3)Close: Be close to customers, competitors and the front-line.

  (4)Good: Good products and services for a good reputation.


9. Talent philosophy

  (1)Human resource is the top resource; human capital is the top capital.

  (2)Those who are not permitted by laws, without professional ethnics, do not recognize the corporate culture or make no progress will not be recruited.


We believe that concerted efforts are the sources of wisdom and strength and that diligence is the source of wealth. Oupai soberly knows that no perfection exists, and it has to continuously improve to become better.

Corporate Honors

2009, deputy chairman member of Chinese Association for Wood Doors

2013, a Chinese company with credit in quality

2011, national high-tech company

2015, national demonstration company on forestry standardization

2017, national key leading company in forestry

2018, national green factory

2019, national company with an advantage in intellectual properties

Corporate Honors

2011, patent demonstration company of Zhejiang province

2012, demonstration company on the industrial circular economy of Zhejiang province

2013, high-tech company-based R&D center of Zhejiang province

2013, standard innovation company of Zhejiang province

2014, a famous branded product of Zhejiang province

2014 famous export brand of Zhejiang province

2016, a pilot company for fostering famous brands, famous products and famous entrepreneurs of Zhejiang province

Corporate Honors

2016, demonstration company on management innovation of Zhejiang province

2017, Science and technology progress award of Zhejiang province

2017, post-doctoral program center of Zhejiang province

2018, Top 100 companies (top 100 fast-growing companies in Zhejiang)

2019, top 100 fast-growing companies in Zhejiang

2019,  grade AAA company on contract performance in Zhejiang province

2020, “concealed champion” company in Zhejiang province 

Oupai Milestones


Oupai’s subsidiary Wuhan Oupai Fast-Decoration Technology Co. Ltd. was established

Oupai’s intelligent manufacturing pilot project was accelerated with its intelligent manufacturing sections and production lines accepted

Oupai established a joint ventureJiangshan Oupai Construction Materials Co., Ltd.


Oupai set the subsidiary, Jiangshan Oupai Import and Export Co., Ltd. 

the Party branch at Oupai was upgraded to a Party committee

Oupai Milestones


Oupai become a grade A material and equipment supplier of Vanke

Jiangshan Oupai was listed as an A-share on the mainboard of Shanghai Stock Exchange

He’nan Evergrande Oupai Wood Door Industry Co., Ltd. was founded.

Oupai set up a joint post-doctoral program center with Nanjing Forestry University

Oupai set the  subsidiary, Jiangshan Huamujiang Household Co., Ltd.


Oupai sets another subsidiary, Zhejiang Oupai Wood Products Co., Ltd.

Oupai Milestones


Oupai established a subsidiary, Jiangshan Ouluola Household Co., Ltd.

Oupai set up “Zhejiang Enterprise-based Post-Doctoral Program Center”

Zhejiang Oupai Wood Product Institute was officially approved to be a provincial enterprise-based institute.


Oupai was included into the 2013 list of approved suppliers of Vanke

Oupai submitted its IPO filing

Oupai Milestones


Oupai started its cooperation with VMTA to systematically improve its 5S management.

Oupai reached a strategic partnership with Beijing Landing World Management Consulting Co., Ltd.