Jiangshan Ouluola Household Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary wholly-owned by Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry Co., Ltd. (ticker symbol at SSE: 603208). With its expertise on household materials like wood doors, floors, cabinets, wardrobes and bathrooms, Ouluola has designed diversity packages of products including main material package and space package to meet consumers’ one-stop purchase requirement.

Located in Jiangshan, a city in Zhejiang well-known for its wood doors, the company dedicates itself to building a household brand that helps create healthy households for consumers that seek both classical and trendy styles to have consumers feel assured and comfortable.

The company imposes strict criteria on each step from incoming material inspection, production to outgoing material inspection. Using advanced Homag and Makor woodworking machines from German and Italy, applying strict production management, selecting grade E1 decoration materials that are environment friendly, and reforming the green standards, the company is trying every effort to complete its mission of being a maker of youthful and fashionable life.

Trying to do as an expert in every aspect of the business, the company has passed many certifications including ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system, OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system, CMS, CTC Product Quality and CTC Product Health, which serve as guarantees of quality, safety and value.

The company has a post-doctoral program center. The product design team and creativity team from Italy inherit the enormous passion for a good life and predict the trend in the household market to shape Ouluola into a popular household brand that is trendy.

Corporate Culture

Vision: Chinese supplier of fashionable household products

Mission: a maker of youthful and fashionable life

Core values: Fashionable Ouluola helps everyone succeed

Brand proposition: Ouluola is a family of fashion

Team Culture

Team style: Efficient and practical, open and inclusive, dynamic and positive

Efficient and practical: Practice is the foundation for efficiency. We must consider the actual circumstance and abandon the formalist of every form in order to concentrate on development and must use the scientific method and improve efficiency in order to overcome targeted difficulties.

Open and inclusive: We must be open to and inclusive of every view for collaboration and shared development. We discover new routes, make miracles and achieve glories by being open and inclusive.

Dynamic and positive: Despite the unknown future, the journey has started. Keeping dynamic and positive helps us see the hope for ourselves and others. Stop complaining, stop being lost, never give up and never leave anyone behind to live vibrantly. 

Talent philosophy

Talent is defined as a person who is positive and marches forward! 

Team spirit: My success is originated from my team.

Service philosophy: Serving others makes me happy!