Huamujiang Household, a subsidiary wholly owned by Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry Co., Ltd. (listed as an A-share in the mainboard of SEE in 20117, with its ticker symbol of 603208), is an intelligent household decoration and furniture manufacturing company whose activities range from research and development, production, marketing to service. The principal products manufactured cover storage systems, window & door systems, floor systems, wall systems, cable systems, hardware systems, adhesive systems, ceiling and partition systems, and others.

Based in Jiangshan, a Chinees city well -known for its wood doors, inheriting the traditional Chinese woodworking culture, the company applies the craftsmanship to its process and implements a sharing business model that seeks to integrate surplus but high-quality resources along the industrial chain. A combination of advanced technologies with artistic innovations helps the company produce highly cost-effective products that make their homes beautiful and healthy.

Huamujiang inherits Chinese woodworking culture and provides healthy furniture for consumers

Brand’s role: A new developer of Chinese woodworking culture (1. New aesthetics, 2. New techniques, 3. New connections)

Product positioning: Healthy furniture with wood as the core, woodworking system as the foundation and driven by intelligent technologies

Market positioning: 70% of the household decoration demand in China

Brand mission: Promote Chinese woodworking culture with technologies and arts to provide healthy decoration products for consumers.

Brand vision: Become a global leader in woodworking decoration solutions

Brand slogan: Huamujiang is your intelligent decoration helper

Brand culture: Driven by Chinese traditional woodworking culture and modern decoration technologies

Brand spirits: Seek the truth, be active, concentrate, try the best

With its parent a listed company and as a well-known brand, Huamujiang offers products and services that have customers rest assured. One-stop supply of multiple cost-effective products lowers the comprehensive purchase costs of customers. Branded products provide more added value for customers.

Excellent companies in their respective segments are our preferred strategic partners. Science-based and technology-fueled production enables our products to be highly cost-effective. A full range of supplies gives you multiple choices. Nanny-like services allow you to be free from any concern. Huamujiang is your intelligent decoration helper.

Huamujiang Woodworking Systems

We provide a wide range of highly cost-effective products that are branded, customized decoration solutions to match your house style and nanny-like customer services, to let customers be assured and worry-free. As a brand dedicated to household products, Huamujiang only makes healthy and affordable products that are with high cost-effectiveness, high-end quality and low-end pricing, a result of its flattened marketing channels, multiple categories of products, and integration of surplus resources along the industrial chain. Huamujiang stays true to its mission whenever and wherever.